KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – Aspis, LLC, has joined the Equality Chamber of Commerce DC Metro Area to reinforce its support of as a diverse and inclusive business both as an employer and as a federal contractor.   

“Being a member of Equality Chamber of Commerce DC Metro Area unequivocally demonstrates our commitment to the LGBT community in Washington, DC.” – Jeff Wagner, Founder & CEO, Aspis, LLC.

By joining the Equality Chamber of Commerce DC Metro Area, Aspis is helping the Chamber’s effort to ensure Business acceptance and business equality for the LGBT community is resulting in economic prosperity for all people in the DC Metro region.  

Equality Chamber of Commerce DC Metro Area is the non-profit, non-partisan network of several hundred queer and allied (Q&A) businesses and business leaders in the DC metropolitan area. Through its extended network of community partners and event participants in the capital area LGBT community, it regularly reaches approximately 5,000 individuals through its messaging, networking events, and workshops. Learn more at www.eccdc.biz.

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