Aspis Consulting Unveils New Website

As Aspis Consulting jumps into our second year of being a company we thought we would give ourselves a little birthday present by getting a completely redesigned website. Aspis’s website is up and running after two months of working with a marketing firm called Finden Marketing. Finden is a full-stack marketing firm located in our administrative hub of Duluth, Minnesota. “We decided to put a focus on getting the everyday consumer knowledgeable about our offerings in a sleek, professional manner” – stated CMO of Finden Josh Helmer.  The website (partially showcase below) plays off our combination of services for government and commercial clients. Throughout the site, you can see pictures of the capital, government building, and government monuments.

What’s next for Aspis?

With the new website complete, Aspis is ready to start growing its channel partners and is working on starting a marketing campaign to bring our government quality protection to any small to mid-sized business that needs it. If interested, make sure to get in contact with us by emailing at or giving us a call at (816) 533-5509. 

With this growth and our founder’s recent inclusion in Forbes’s next 1000 list, we believe Aspis is on track for large growth as we enter year three. Interested in joining the Aspis team? Make sure to check out our career page for any openings that may come up, also follow us on social media to stay updated with everything we do. 

Lastly, we wanted to give a little shoutout to the agency we worked with, Finden Marketing. Finden Marketing is a Duluth, Minnesota-based marketing firm that caters to helping small to mid-sized companies tell their story. Finden worked with us in a one-on-one setting creating a deep understanding of what we were looking for and helping us discover the needs that we may not have noticed. They put a great deal of care into having a site with powerful SEO and made sure our team’s thoughts felt heard. This agency offers web development, PPC, graphic design services, PR work, branding, and content creation. To learn more about their offerings or to set up a meeting click the link below:  

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