Aspis Looks to the Past to Better Their Future

Aspis Consulting is a cybersecurity consulting company based in Kansas City. Aspis has a great variety of staff and services but we are constantly looking to improve. We like to look to other players in the cybersecurity field for ideas and inspiration on how to provide better services to our customers, especially those who have been in this industry longer than we have. One of these services that you may have heard of is an older site known as While it doesn’t claim to offer the wide variety of services that we offer here at Aspis, this site has been improving the security of millions of people for many years.

History of HaveIBeenPwned

In 2013, cybersecurity expert Troy Hunt founded (HIBP). The goal of the site is simple: Inform people if their passwords have been compromised, or pwned. At the time of its creation, Troy Hunt worked as a web security expert that examined data breaches. Hunt recognized how harmful it could be for a consumer to suffer a data breach connected to their account. Even worse, most won’t even know that it happened in the first place. Upon the launch of the website, it only had 5 breaches that it kept track of. While the site started out small, they have caught data breaches from nearly 600 companies resulting in over 11 billion ‘pwned’ accounts.

The site is extremely easy to use; I tried it out myself. I just typed my email into the search bar and up popped a message that said I had been pwned. The site then gives a brief, but a detailed, summary of which companies were breached and what information may have been stolen. Finally, it offers safe solutions to better protect your accounts going forward. The site is very simple and the whole process only took me a couple of minutes.

Where does Aspis fit in?

After doing all this research, I couldn’t help but notice similarities between HIBP and the services that Aspis itself offers. Aspis provides proactive dark web monitoring and breach identification solutions for not only individuals but also commercial businesses and government organizations. Aspis covers all the bases that HIBP does while offering integrated security procedures like multifactor authentications and secure password vaults.

Of course, these are just a few of the many services that we offer here at Aspis Consulting. If you want to find out how to ensure the online safety of you or your business, Aspis is here for you. Aspis is a cybersecurity consulting firm that delivers a business-orientated risk management-focused approach to solving complex cybersecurity problems. Head to our website or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to find out more!

Remember: Our business is securing your business!