Aspis Joins Kansas City’s New Small Business Directory BuyKC 

Kansas City-based Cybersecurity firm Aspis joins the new BuyKC program. This new program promotes Kansas City residents buying from local Kansas City businesses. “This program is great for small businesses. It allows consumers like me the opportunity to find all the unique businesses that Kansas City has to offer. Additionally, it breaks it down in such an easy way to navigate allowing me to find exactly what I am looking for.” Stated Aspis employee Andrew Weisz. 

The BuyKC program has a unique twist to local business directories. BuyKC doesn’t allow franchises or chains to be showcased on its site. This lets locally owned and operated businesses stand out even further showcasing the unique variety of businesses in the Kansas City area. BuyKC was created in 2021 by the local Kansas City small business promoter KCsourcelink. Since its creation, it has seen great success averaging over 500 Kansas City businesses in their directory this year.

“We wanted to make it easier to find and support veteran-owned businesses, Latinx-businesses, Black-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, LBGTQ-owned businesses. It’s all-inclusive. And we wanted to help create a place where corporations could source local and diverse suppliers.” said Tom Paolini, BuyKC co-founder and local business owner of Paolini Garment Company. 

Why BuyKC matters

BuyKC’s research has shown that sixty percent of all new local jobs are created by KC startups like Aspis. This is defined as first-time employers with fewer than 20 employees, according to KCSourceLink. And when you spend $100 at a local-first business, $68 stays in our community. This is compared to $43 with a national chain. Want to learn more about the impact of small businesses? Check out this article from the IRS on why local matters. To learn more about BuyKC and what they offer for Kansas City small businesses check out their page at BuyKC. Check out our personal listing at Aspis.

Why BuyKC matters to Aspis

Aspis is proud to call Kansas City our home since our start in 2019. As we grow we have made it a mission to hire in Kansas City growing our main office. Furthermore, we have made it our mission to work with local businesses. This includes our pro-bono cybersecurity program for nonprofits and our top-notch cybersecurity for small businesses. Additionally, we believe that cybersecurity shouldn’t only be for fortune 500 companies. One in five small businesses falls victim to a cyber attack. Out of that 60% of those businesses will shut down in six months. We believe in small businesses and want to help make they don’t suffer the same fate.

To learn more about our nonprofit program or our services make sure to hop over to our website.

Who Is Aspis Consulting?

Aspis is a cybersecurity consulting firm headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri with branches in Duluth, Minnesota, and Washington DC. Our team offers a full suite of services including Darkweb Monitoring SolutionsCybersecurity Management Consulting, and Cybersecurity Consulting to both commercial and government clients. Aspis has a mission of democratizing cybersecurity and bringing it to anyone that needs it. Aspis Consulting has been featured in countless articles including Forbes next 1000, IBM’s newsletter, and the Chamber of Commerce’s Dream Big Awards. In the event that you want to learn more on how Aspis can help you with your cybersecurity in Kansas City or across the country check out our website. Also, follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram to stay up to do on cybersecurity news, local updates, and need to know tips.

BuyKC initiative creates easy avenue to support local biz - Kansas City  Business Journal
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