Aspis Congratulates Andrew Weisz on Promotion to Operation Supervisor

Aspis Congratulates Andrew Weisz on Promotion to Operation Supervisor

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Andrew Weisz to Operations Supervisor here at Aspis. Andrew joined the company two years ago and has played a key role in our company’s growth on both the operations and the marketing side. Going forward, he will be overseeing all day-to-day actions of Aspis like HR and marketing. This is a well-deserved promotion, and we are excited to announce it.

Andrew’s Background

Andrew Weisz was the first member of our Duluth, Minnesota branch of Aspis. He attended the University of Minnesota Duluth where he was a very active member of the campus community leading multiple clubs, playing in the school bands, and working in the Office of Admissions. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2019 with a BBA in Entrepreneurship and Organizational Management. 

After graduation, Andrew worked for a local business incubator called MC-Cubed as an Entrepreneur Consultant helping entrepreneurs convert their ideas into viable products in the market. When the pandemic hit in mid-2019 Andrew left MC-Cubed to co-found a supply chain company called Ola-Coral that used an invasive species of fish called the lionfish and turned it into a food source geared toward saving the Belizian coral reefs. This company was acquired in mid-2020 by a firm out of Wisconsin.

Andrew decided to go on his next adventure and co-founded a full-stack marketing agency with some colleagues utilizing the tools that he learned from his previous ventures. His firm, Finden Marketing specializes in Gen-Z and Millenial marketing and is geared toward helping new and established brands connect with the younger audience. In his free time, Andrew likes to get outside and hike. He’s a big inline skater and competes in inline marathons across the country, and enjoys giving back to the community. Andrew serves on the Glensheen Historic Estate’s advisory council as well as holds a seat on the Fuse Board.

Joining Aspis

Andrew joined the Aspis team in October of 2020 as employee number 8 for the company. He started out as an office administrator focused on helping grow the operations side of the company and spent much of his time working on projects including our HUBZone Certification and internal onboarding procedures. As the Duluth branch grew, he also played a leading role in setting up the branch and its new office as well as overseeing the Duluth team. Andrew’s knowledge of marketing has been a key area in growth for Aspis. Andrew has been recognized as a Red Shield award winner twice for the effort he puts in for the company since joining the team. He would later go on to win the Alpha Award, Aspis’ version of the employee of the year. 

Looking Ahead With Aspis

Recently, I sat down with Andrew to talk to him about his time with Aspis and what he’s looking forward to within the company, and his new position. He told me, “Working on the Apsis Team has been an absolute pleasure. Every day offers a new opportunity, and it’s so fun utilizing my skills to help grow such a great business.” Andrew has always been passionate about growing the Duluth Branch of Aspis and that continues to be true.

In fact, Aspis is growing and is expanding our Duluth Branch with three new hires. However, the addition of official office space in Duluth for Aspis employees is most definitely a highlight for Andrew. Securing this office space has been a project that he has been working hard on for months. We are excited to officially unveil the new office to the public at our ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 9th. Stay tuned on social media to check it out!

This was a well-deserved promotion for an incredibly valuable employee. Please join us in congratulating Andrew Weisz!

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