When Does Your Business Need to Start Investing in Cybersecurity?

When Should Your Business Start Investing in Cybersecurity?

Unfortunately, investing in cybersecurity is no longer a choice for modern-day businessesCybersecurity is a key priority for businesses in all sectors big and small. If your business is actively making sales online or storing any customer data online, you should start investing in cybersecurity TODAY. 

Says Who?

Business owners have a lot on their plate. Whether you are a small business owner trying to grow your great idea or the CEO of a large company that’s changing the game, I’m sure you have plenty of things that need your attention. However, if you find yourself reading this blog, you must be curious about cybersecurity. Is it really that important? What should you really be worried about? When should your business start investing in cybersecurity? Allow Aspis to shed some light on the daunting world of cybersecurity. 

Aspis is an IT professional services firm specializing in cybersecurity. Our business is dedicated to helping provide federal quality cybersecurity to companies of all sizes with customized platforms that fits the specific business. We provide services to small businesses, the federal government, and everyone in between. In short, our business is securing your business.

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Is it really that important? Let’s look at the statistics 

Not convinced quite yet. That’s okay. We know businesses have to be careful where they invest their hard-earned money so let’s put all of that aside and just look at 4 quick stats. 

1) According to the Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report small businesses are almost as likely to get attacked as large corporations. In fact, small businesses often suffer more since they are less likely to have cybersecurity resources at their disposal. 

2) In the 2021 FBI Internet Crime Report it was stated that phishing scams have gone up by over 30% in the last year. This continues the trend of phishing attacks being the most common form of cyberattacks. In fact, we recently published a blog on the danger of phishing and the importance of training your employees against it.


3) In a 2022 report from Mimecast 3 out of 4 organizations were affected by a ransomware attack. This is up by 61% from 2020. Like phishing, ransomware is a big focus of Aspis. If you want to read out blog on how to prevent it within your business, check it out here: 


4) Employees are still the biggest security threat to any business. In fact, according to Untangle’s 2021 Security Report, this phenomenon has only gotten worse with the rise of remote work. Training your employees properly is the biggest thing you can do to keep your business safe from cyber attacks. 

What should your business be worried about?

In today’s business world there are a lot of factors at play when talking about your business cyber safety. Both inside and outside threats are at play and could cost your business its reputation, a lot of money, and possibly even the business itself. These are three cyber threats that every business needs to prepare for:

  1. Phishing Scams
  2. Ransomware attacks
  3. Malware attacks

Lucky for you Aspis can help take all of those and more off your plate with our customized cybersecurity programs. Get in touch with our team today.

Who is Aspis?

Aspis is an IT professional services firm headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri specializing in cybersecurity and management consulting. Our team strives to make enterprise cybersecurity solutions and professional services accessible to all sizes of organizations. From small to medium-sized businesses to large Fortune 500 enterprises; non-profits; and municipal, state, and federal government agencies. Aspis is a Certified HUBZone Small Business, Certified LGBTBE, and Certified Virginia Values Veterans company. 

Our values are Integrity, Community, and Diversity.

Aspis’ vision is to democratize cybersecurity. This means that through our mission we strive to make enterprise cybersecurity solutions, IT professional services, and administrative and management consulting services accessible to all sizes of organizations from small and medium-sized businesses to large Fortune 500 enterprises; non-profits; and to local, state, and federal government agencies. We right-size our enterprise products and services for the SMB market so they are affordable.  With the additional locations of Duluth, Minnesota, and Washington, DC. Aspis has grown to become a national brand and has helped businesses of all sizes with their cybersecurity needs. Our team offers a full suite of services including cybersecurity management consulting; compliance assessments; security awareness training; and dark web monitoring to both our commercial and government clients. Our organization has been featured in publications including Forbes, IBM, and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Additionally, to learn more about how Aspis can help you with your cybersecurity or administrative needs check out our website https://aspis.consulting. Also, follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram. Stay up to date on cybersecurity news, company updates, and need-to-know tips.


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As you can see, the best time to start investing in cybersecurity was yesterday. However, if you didn’t start yesterday, the best time is now. Setting up a consultation with Aspis is fast, easy, and most importantly FREE. Aspis offers great services and cybersecurity bundles that are proven to keep your business safe. Start your cybersecurity journey today: