National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is officially upon us. Here at Aspis, we make it our goal to keep you informed about all things cybersecurity. In this article, we are covering some simple cybersecurity facts that will make any business not using cybersecurity services think twice. These have been gathered and verified from sources across the industry and shouldn’t be looked at as a scare tactic. Rather they should be looked at as a learning experience as many business owners lead a blind eye to cyber threats. Want to see if your business could be at risk? Get in touch with our team for your free cyber assessment today. On to the cybersecurity facts!

Cybersecurity Fact #1: Cyber Attacks Aren’t Going Anywhere

We wish we could tell you that cyber threats and attacks are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, this is not the case and recent data is showing the opposite.

Cybersecurity Fact #2: Data Breaches are on the Rise

Cybersecurity Fact #3: As Cyber Defense Increases, Cyber Attacks are Evolving

The defense against cyber threats has dramatically increased over recent years with governments and private enterprises spending billions to stop major attacks. Unfortunately, cyber threats are evolving so what might have protected you last year could be out of date and vulnerable.

Cybersecurity Fact #4: There is a Security Talent Shortage

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all these cybersecurity facts; Aspis is here to help. Setting up a consultation with Aspis is fast, easy, and most importantly FREE. Additionally, Aspis offers great services and cybersecurity bundles that are proven to keep your business safe. Start your cybersecurity journey today: 

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