Cybersecurity: 5 Signs That You Need It Now

We’ve all heard the horror stories about big corporations losing millions of dollars because of a cyber attack. However, these types of attack can seem very distant and non threatening, especially to smaller businesses. Does your business really need to worry about investing in cybersecurity? We will cover everything you need to know in todays blog. From online interactions employee safety, here are 5 signs that your business needs cybersecurity:

1. You Have Some Type of Online Presence

Having an online presence is almost assumed for most business nowadays. It’s a surefire way to reach a ton of customers in the easiest way possible. However, being online in any way opens the door for cyber attacks. Not to worry, it can be very easy to repel the most common types of cyber attacks. We’ve written numerous blogs about that exact topic. Check out our most recent: 

2. You Store Customer Information Online

Compromising your own information is bad on its own. But compromising customer information is a whole other level of bad.  According to a report from the Bank of America, 30% of consumers surveyed said they would “never return” to a business that suffered a cybersecurity breach, up from 20% two years ago. If your business offers online transactions, hackers could potentially access credit card numbers, phone numbers, and addresses of your customers. This informations could be used to steal their identities or be sold on the dark web. 

Concerned about the dark web? Aspis offers Dark Web Monitoring: 

3. Your Employees have Email Accounts or Cell Phones

This may seem like a strangely worded reason, but it’s true. Phishing is a type of cyberattack that targets vulnerable employees. Hackers that use phishing will send fraudulent links or messages to your employees, usually through email or text. If these links are clicked, it could potentially compromise your whole business. 

Concerned about phishing? Here’s how to stay safe: 

4. You Care about the Longevity of Your Business

Maybe you think that cybersecurity really isn’t important because if you get attacked, you can easily recover from it. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t go that way. Lets look at a couple of statistics: 

  • 83% of business owners don’t have any contingency plan for dealing with security threats at all.
  • The average cost of a data breach in the US is now $8.6 million.

Can you afford that much money to throw away at recovering from a cyber attack? Even if you can – do you want to? Absolutely not. Its better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to cybersecurity. 

This leads us into the final and most important sign that your business needs cybersecurity…

5. You Don’t Currently Have Any Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are a very real and very serious threat. Hackers target anyone and everyone. It is too great a risk to have a business with no cybersecurity plan. Our goal at Aspis is to keep you safe and keep you informed about cybersecurity. Don’t know where to start? Aspis has you covered. Set up a FREE consultation with Aspis today: 

Who Is Aspis?

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