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Have you ever wondered what Aspis actually does? Well, you wouldn’t be the first. Aspis proudly works with a wide range of clients including mid sized businesses, large enterprises, nonprofits, and the government. Recently, Our team worked on showcases what we have done and have created a wide range of case studies. Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of the projects we completed for the USDA. In this case study, we summarize how our team created a simplified organizational process in order to increase efficiency within the USDA. Read all about it below:

Aspis Case Study – USDA – PMLC Lite 2022 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Information Security Center (ISC), recently implemented a standardized project management plan referred to as Project Management Lifecycle, or PMLC. This five-step framework plan is used to assist project managers in completing large projects successfully with an industry standard approach. While implementing this formal and complex approach, the USDA realized an additional need for a more “simplified” process for less complex projects to utilize. The Aspis team was tasked to develop said simplified process which was later named “PMLC Lite”. The Program was to be implemented across USDA/ISC and used by multiple departments. This required development of a solid foundation to include project management oversight, industry standards, and methods for cybersecurity projects and programs based on PMP best practices. The goal was to provide project managers with a simplified, structured way to create, execute, and finish a project.  

A typical project using the full PMLC process utilized numerous documents including lengthy charters, scope documents, baseline reviews, etc.  Aspis developed a single, efficient document serving as a condensed version of the project management lifecycle’s s framework of best practices and could be used to shepherd a project from beginning to end. This streamlined document addressed the same requirements that a formal (or full) PMLC Program would use but significantly reduced the burden of heavy documentation for the project manager. Aspis developed, tested, and implemented the PMLC Lite template along with a corresponding SharePoint site to house additional resources. The original PMLC documentation consisted of forty-six (46) documents and hundreds of pages utilized for each project.  The newly created template, housed within one (1) file, allowed project information to be entered in a single location without the need to navigate between multiple documents.  Although this template dramatically downsized the project file, it still covers a wide array of relevant project information such as the business needs, project scope, task list, schedule, milestones, lessons learned, closeout requirements, etc. Tabs were included at the bottom of the document to provide a simple, step-by-step guide for the project manager to follow. 

PMLC Lite offers project managers a formal approach to run a task or project while reducing the burden of extensive documentation for small, less complex projects. It also allows project managers to use the same framework needed for effective project management without implementing rigorous methodologies. With ever increasing workloads, PMLC Lite was a welcomed change to follow a more simplified process to run a project.  

Currently, the PMLC Lite model is being utilized for multiple projects across USDA. 

Leadership and project managers alike have enjoyed the benefit of seeing the project status and progression “at a glance”.  The ability to see the milestones, task status, deliverables, etc. all in one document have been beneficial to the project managers and their customers.  The PMLC Lite program has allowed PM’s to quickly initiate a project resulting in increased productivity and the ability to maintain multiple projects.   USDA PM’s have commented about the ease of use with the PMLC Lite approach and how it has helped streamline their projects, allowing for quicker lead times and project completion dates. 

More To Come

At Aspis we are extremely proud to help serve the USDA’s mission. However, this is just one of many case studies that we have created. At Aspis we hire only the best and the brightest employees who are always hard at work. Does your organization need IT or administrative help? Contact our team to set up your free consultation.

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