What Do We Offer? A Federal Services Breakdown

Aspis offers a wide variety of federal services to our government clients. It may surprise you that such a small company does so much work with the federal government. Where did we get our start in the federal world? Aspis was founded by a former federal agency CISO who understands the unique requirements, regulations, policies, and processes that government organizations require. In this article, we will cover the capabilities that our staff offers, the NAICS that we service, and will briefly touch on our HUBZone certification status and what that means for you. 


Aspis’ highly capable staff can fill a number of different roles within your organization. Our team members can assist in management, admin, and even cybersecurity positions. Within these roles, our staff can provide, support, and assistance with a number of different types of projects. 

Management Consulting

-Senior Advisors

-Project Management

-Portfolio Management

Cybersecurity Consulting

-Information Security Analysts

-Subject Matter Experts

-Architects & Engineers

Administrative Support

-Executive & Administrative Assistants

-Customer Service Representatives

-Technical Support Representatives

Within these roles, our staff can provide, support, and assistance with-

-Executive IT Management Consulting
-IT Strategy & Governance
-IT Project Management, Coordination, and Administration
-Incident Planning, Response, and Recovery
-Contingency Planning, Response, and Recovery
-Vulnerability Scanning, Analysis, and Remediation
-Penetration Testing
-Static & Dynamic Code Analysis
-Security Awareness Training
-System Security Plans
-Security Assessments
-Plan of Action and Milestone Development, Monitoring, and Remediation

Missions We Support

-US Department if Agriculture 

-US Army Corps of Engineers


-US Space Force

-US Air Force


NAICS We Service

541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services

541512 – Computer Systems Design Services

541519 – Other Computer Related Services

541611 – Administrative & Management Consulting

541618 – Other Management Consulting Services

561110 – Other Administrative Services

We are HUBZone Certified!

Since much of our business is as a government contractor, Aspis spends much of its effort bidding and working with other firms to collaborate on getting new local, state, and federal government contracts. Joining the HUBZone program makes our business eligible to compete for the program’s set-aside contracts. For set-aside contracts, the federal government has a goal of awarding at least 3% of all dollars for federal prime contracts to HUBZone certified companies. Agencies may set-aside contracts for which only HUBZone companies are allowed to bid. They may award sole-source contracts to HUBZone firms in an effort to meet that goal. HUBZone-certified businesses also get a 10% price evaluation preference in full and open contract competitions.

Another benefit of working with a certified HUBZone small business like Aspis is that we help our clients meet federal contracting requirements.  Aspis helps contracting officers, program officials, and prime contracting companies get credit for not only small business goals but also HUBZone goals.  This is important because there is currently a 3% HUBZone small business contracting requirement that the federal government as a whole and most federal agencies fail to meet each year.  

Aspis may be a relatively new company, but we have a history of exceptional work in the federal government. If you want to learn more about the federal solutions that we provide, visit our website (https://aspis.consulting/government-cybersecurity-services/) to download our full capabilities statement. 

Want to learn more about Aspis? 

Who Is Aspis?

Aspis is an IT professional services firm headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, specializing in cybersecurity and management consulting. Our values are Integrity, Community, and Diversity and our vision is to democratize cybersecurity.  We make enterprise cybersecurity solutions and professional services accessible to all sizes of organizations from medium-sized businesses to large Fortune 500 enterprises; non-profits; and municipal, state, and federal government agencies. Aspis is an Independent Small Business, Certified HUBZone Small Business Concern, Certified LGBT Business Enterprise, Self-Certified Small Disadvantaged Business, Certified Virginia Values Veterans, and Better Business Bureau accredit ted company.  To learn more about how we can help you with your IT needs check out our website https://aspis.consulting and follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram to stay up to date on cybersecurity news, company updates, and need-to-know tips.