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Have you ever wondered what Aspis actually does? Well, you wouldn’t be the first. Aspis proudly works with a wide range of clients. These include mid sized businesses, large enterprises, nonprofits, and the government. Recently, our team worked on showcases what we have done and have created a wide range of case studies. Today we’ll be taking a look at one of the projects we completed for the USDA. In this case study, we summarize how our team created a simplified executive assistant standard operating procedure (EA SOP) in order to increase efficiency within the USDA. Read all about it below:

Aspis Case Study – USDA – ISC EA SOP

The Executive Assistants (EA) at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standard operating procedure (SOP) hadn’t been revised or updated for several years. This led to out-of-date procedures which slowed the EAs efficiency throughout their workday and lowered accuracy in their day-to-day operations. This becomes especially transparent with the increased shift to remote work in early 2020. The EA SOP is a guideline of the day-to-day procedures for all USDA Information Security Center (ISC) EAs to adhere to. The document covers everything from how to interact with team members, to vendor management procedures, and the process of managing calendars. This document is a major tool used in onboarding new EAs and used regularly as a “how-to” reference guide throughout the entire department. 

The Aspis team led the overhaul of the entire EA SOP with the objectives of bringing it up to 2022 standards. This included making it more tailored to the telework environment, updating procedures to fit an increase in technology, and decreasing the amount of repetitive or irrelevant information that led to confusion in previous versions. Lastly, another objective was to make the 17-page document more clear, precise, and easy to understand whether the reader had administrative experience or not. After completion the Aspis team brought the document down to 12 pages significantly reducing duplicate information. Since implementing the new EA SOP, the ISC team has significantly reduced their onboarding and training time by over 50%. It has also increased productivity and efficiency of executive administrative team, and significantly decreased the amount time that was used in the past to complete daily tasks. 

More To Come

At Aspis we are extremely proud to help serve the USDA’s mission. However, this is just one of many case studies that we have created. At Aspis we hire only the best and the brightest employees who are always hard at work. Does your organization need IT or administrative help? Contact our team to set up your free consultation.

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