The Perks of Being an Employee at Aspis

Aspis is rapidly expanding. Our company has shot up from 1 employee in 2019 to over 15 today. In 2022 our company expanded to another location in Duluth, Minnesota. With this expansion and our other growth comes the need for more employees. One of the ways that Aspis sets itself apart from other small businesses […]

Aspis CEO Featured at LGBTBE Roundtable on Capability Statements  

The MidAmerica LGBT Chamber of Commerce hosted a round table event last Friday which focused on creating & curating a company’s capability statement. Aspis founder and CEO Jeff Wagner joined the discussion as one of the key speakers alongside Courtney Williams and Jennifer Brungardt to discuss their capability statements and tips on improving them. As […]

Aspis debuts at #402 of 2022 Top Private Companies in Kansas City

Aspis is proud to be recognized in the Kansas City BizJournals list of the Top 434 private companies in Kansas City. This list includes the likes of Dairy Farmers of America Inc, the National Beef Packing Co, and Burns & Mcdonnell. Aspis, in its third year of business, made the list for the first time […]

Kansas City Cybersecurity Firm Opens Office in Duluth

Aspis, a fast-growing cybersecurity firm, opens its doors in Duluth on June 9th. Duluth, Minnesota – Aspis, a fast-growing Kansas City-based cybersecurity firm, is opening its second location in downtown Duluth in early June 2022. The company which started in 2019 has grown revenues an average of 450% in its first few years, currently has […]

6 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe From Hackers in 2022

Nobody wants to get hacked. Whether you’re a business owner or just an average Joe, the thought of some mysterious figure gaining access to your data and personal information is scary. The worst part? It can be hard to know how to stop them. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) for you, individual human error is most […]

Aspis Congratulates Andrew Weisz on Promotion to Operation Supervisor

Aspis Congratulates Andrew Weisz on Promotion to Operation Supervisor We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Andrew Weisz to Operations Supervisor here at Aspis. Andrew joined the company two years ago and has played a key role in our company’s growth on both the operations and the marketing side. Going forward, he will be […]

How To Protect Yourself From Ransomware Attacks

Last week, we published a blog about how you can prevent phishing attacks from hurting your business. You can read that blog here (Phishing) But did you know that phishing can open the door for more harmful attacks? In fact, many phishing scams can lead to other hacks including Ransomware attacks. Today, Aspis is going […]

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a common phrase that gets thrown around when it comes to conversations about cybersecurity. But what is phishing? In this blog, we will cover what phishing REALLY is, how to recognize it, and how you can protect yourself or your company and stay resilient against phishing attacks.  What is phishing? Phishing is defined […]

Why Your Business Should Outsource Its IT Department

Starting a small business is a lot of work. As the owner, you are responsible for everything ranging from hiring employees, managing revenue, marketing, keeping your customers satisfied, and the list goes on. The unfortunate truth is that entrepreneurs can’t do it all and even though you may be an expert in your field, other […]