What Do We Offer? A Business Services Breakdown

Aspis offers a wide variety of commercial services to our customers. However, we don’t just resell services from other companies. Here at Aspis, we are proud to offer client support and professional services to deliver turn-key solutions to companies who do not have the need to employ full-time staff to operate a cybersecurity program. Does this sound like something your […]

Aspis: The Origins of Our Name

Ever wonder where we got our name? In the cybersecurity world, Aspis is quite the uncommon name. Unlike many of our competitors, our name doesn’t feature any tech-y words like ‘cyber’ or any security focused words like the ‘safe.’  Or does it? Let’s find out. We wanted to take some time to briefly explain the […]

Cybersecurity: 5 Signs That You Need It Now

We’ve all heard the horror stories about big corporations losing millions of dollars because of a cyber attack. However, these types of attack can seem very distant and non threatening, especially to smaller businesses. Does your business really need to worry about investing in cybersecurity? We will cover everything you need to know in todays […]

T-Mobile Speaks Out About Their Massive Data Breach

Last week, we published a blog around a major topic in cybersecurity. This blog explored the recent T-Mobile data breach. It was reported that 100 million customers could have had their data compromised. This week, T-Mobile revealed exactly how many people were affected.   In case you missed it: Early last week, anonymous hackers posted that they had […]

Aspis Looks to the Past to Better Their Future

Aspis Consulting is a cybersecurity consulting company based in Kansas City. Aspis has a great variety of staff and services but we are constantly looking to improve. We like to look to other players in the cybersecurity field for ideas and inspiration on how to provide better services to our customers, especially those who have […]