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What do we do for our clients?

Our clients provide us an exciting opportunity to solve their problems. We especially like helping clients solve problems they aren’t aware that they have. We are excellent at observing and assessing current operations with an executive perspective and then presenting options to solve identified issues and concerns. Some of our work for them includes:

  • Provided confidential advisory services on a variety of cybersecurity-related issues.
  • Consulted on strategic initiatives including workforce and organizational development.
  • Created map of NIST RMF to CSF to FISMA Maturity.
  • Created a vendor management reverse CRM solution.
  • Facilitated and coordinated public speaking engagements and media appearances and assisted the executive in execution.
  • Ghostwrite copy for use in emails, newsletters and blogs; reviews, edits and finalizes material to written by others into “print ready” copy.
  • Sourced talent for senior SIEM, expert risk management, and entry level cybersecurity support.
  • Met with and technically evaluated prospective vendors, produced vendor proposition white papers, and performed market research.