Aspis Nonprofit Cybersecurity Program

The Aspis Nonprofit Cybersecurity Program is a service offered to any 501(3)c nonprofit in the United States. This program offers everything a non-profit need to have to be protected online. This program is a $16,500 value and is offered to chosen 501(3)c for free. This program will help ensure that non-profits organizations are trained on how to be safe against outside cyber threats that have been known to prey on nonprofit organizations. 

What selected non-profits can get:

1.   Cyber Liability Insurance Readiness Assessment

This assessment demonstrates management’s due diligence and meets annual assessment requirements of cyber liability insurance providers.

1-hour of vCISO support for a kick-off (“entrance”) conference to be conducted virtually.

A thorough review of your current cyber liability insurance policy with implementation recommendations for any services provided by the insurance company as part of the benefit of having the policy.

Assessment interview comprised of 201 questions and evidence/artifact inspection by one of our cybersecurity specialists.

Approximately 57-page assessment results report documenting the control requirements, implementation status, and implementation description.

External vulnerability scan results report identifying any possible misconfigurations of your firewalls.

Plan of Action and Milestones with recommended corrective actions based on the findings of the assessment.

17 pages of suggested cybersecurity policies that may be incorporated into your current cybersecurity policy document or employee handbook.

66 pages of suggested cybersecurity common control operational procedures.

2 hours vCISO support to review the results with your management team.


2.    Dark Web Monitoring

   Initial dark web search of your domain name and report of known compromised email accounts.

         12 months of continuous additional dark web monitoring for your companies emails 

      Notifications when your email address has been found compromised and available on the dark web.


3. Your Own vCISO Cybersecurity Specialist

     4 hours of vCISO support that can be used throughout a 12 month period to help you prepare to brief the board on the findings of the assessment or consulting time to discuss remediation with management or your outsourced IT provider.

Who is eligible?

  1.    Must be a 501(3)c nonprofit established in the US
  2.         Must have between 10-100 computers owned by the non-profit 

How to apply?

If you fit the above requirements and are interested in applying for this pro-bono service, please click the link below to apply.