Massive Cyber Breach Puts Millions Of Consumers In Danger

Here at Aspis Consulting, we specialize in keeping your business protected from cybersecurity threats. Aspis Consulting offers our services nationwide and has offices in Missouri, Minnesota, and Washington D.C. This means that wherever you are, we can lend a hand. Our services include cybersecurity training, breach identification, and disaster recovery. However, all this may seem unnecessary to you. You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to worry about this? Do things like data breaches really happen that often?” Actually, yes. In fact, one of the largest mobile carriers T-Mobile just had a massive data breach, and you might have been affected.  

What happened In the T-Mobile Breach? 

On August 15th, it was reported that T-Mobile (one of the largest companies in the world) may have suffered a massive data breach. How massive? It is currently estimated that 100 million people had their data compromised during this breach. The next day, T-Mobile confirmed this rumor in an announcement.  According to their spokesperson, the data breach includes several different pieces of user information. Names, phone numbers, social security numbers, and addresses are a handful of the things listed in the announcement.  

The alleged hackers posted on an underground forum that they planned to sell some of the information.  These hackers were planning to sell the user info of 30 million people in exchange for 6 bitcoins. At the time of writing this, 6 bitcoins were worth around $280,000. Lastly the hackers said that they planned on selling the rest of the information privately.  

Since then, T-Mobile has officially confirmed that this breach occurred. However, they say that it will take time to see if 100 million people were really affected. As you would expect, T-Mobile says that they “take the protection of our customers very seriously,” and that they have closed the entry point used in this breach.  

What does this mean for you? 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know how to react to this. T-Mobile is still investigating, so it is hard to know who exactly was affected. With that being said, if the 100 million number turns out to be true, that would be nearly every T-Mobile user in the US. at the present time, there are 104 million people who use AT-mobile in the US. Want to learn how to see if your accounts have been attacked? Click this link to check out our previous blog on exactly that.

Lastly, this is just the kind of thing that we try to prevent at Aspis Consulting. Whether you are in Kansas City, Duluth, Washinton DC, or anywhere in between, Aspis has you covered. In the event that you want to reduce the chance that you or your business is affected by a breach like this, Aspis is just a message away. Check us out on our website and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more cybersecurity content. 

To learn more about this breach click this link that will redirect you to the official announcement by Tmobile.

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