6 Spooky Cyber Tips To Know For Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The end of cybersecurity awareness month is swiftly approaching, and you know what else is swiftly approaching? Halloween! This week, we have curated a few easy cybersecurity tips that can keep you and your business safe. These spooky cyber tips happen all year round and affect millions worldwide. Hackers in this year alone cost US consumers 100 Billion dollars (that’s a lot of candy). No one is safe from cyberattacks so make sure to share with those you care about.

Just like you wouldn’t take candy from a stranger on Halloween, don’t click on links sent to you by strangers. Phishing scams are one of the most common cyber threats on the market. If done correctly, our first of the cyber tips could lower your chances of getting hacked substantially.

Use a strong password!

Don’t leave your candy sitting out in the open – you don’t want those annoying neighbor kids stealing all of it.  The same can be said for password protection. Strong passwords are key to protecting the data on your device. 

Know the risks!

If you eat too much Halloween candy, you’re likely to have a stomachache. This is very common. You want to know what else is very common? Cyberattacks are very common; especially the use of ransomware. Nearly half of all small businesses have been targeted by ransomware and almost 75% have paid the ransom. 

Vet your employees!

You wouldn’t let your kids go trick or treating with someone who seems suspicious, why should your business be any different? In fact, 60% of all cyber-attacks are carried out by employees and vendors within your organization! Make sure none of your employees are acting particularly ‘ghoul-ish!’

Make sure you are properly prepared if something does happen!

It’s always best to plan your costume out in advance! No one likes a last-minute crammer. The same can be said for cybersecurity – things take time. In 2021, it took an average of 212 days to detect a breach and 75 days to contain it. It’s better to prepare in advance than to have to deal with the repercussions!

Learn from your mistakes!

Last Halloween, you dressed up as a ballerina for the Halloween party and it was way too cold outside. Luckily, this year you decided to dress up like a mummy! So much more insulation! However, not everyone learns from their mistakes. In fact, 45% of end-users say they did not change their passwords in the past year, even after a breach.

Aspis is here to help!

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